Achieve Balance.
Reclaim Serenity.
Transform Menopause
with BalAge Rx℠

Transforming your menopause experience begins
by exploring BalAge Rx℠ for the uncomfortable
symptoms of menopause

Finding relief for menopause begins with understanding the hormonal changes taking place in your body. Menopause symptoms vary from woman to woman and below is a quick guide to the stages of menopause. If you are experiencing persistent or severe symptoms, BalAge Rx℠ may be a source of menopausal symptom relief. Contact your doctor and ask if BALAGE RX℠ can help you. BALAGE RX℠ is a treatment option tailored to your body for the treatment of the menopause discomfort that you are experiencing today. Start achieving menopause balance today.



This stage can be broadly defined as the entire period of your life. Your periods usually occur regularly, you are able to bear children, and your sex hormones are at stable levels. You may experience the following symptoms during transition into this stage:

• Cramps
• Anxiety
• Mood swings
• Irritability
• Nausea



In this phase, your ovulation and fertility cycles begin to slowly wind down. Your hormonal levels decline and you may experience some rather unpleasant symptoms. Some of the most common perimenopausal symptoms typically include:

• Mood swings
• Hot flashes
• Night sweats
• Vaginal dryness
• Irregular periods
• Loss of libido



Once you have spent a year without menstruating, you have officially entered into menopause. Though hormone levels are no longer fluctuating wildly, symptoms occur as a result of lowered hormonal production. Some common symptoms include:

• hot flashes
• night sweats
• irregular periods
• loss of libido

Rekindle intimacy with BalAge Rx℠

Rekindle intimacy with BalAge Rx℠

Reconnect with everyone you care about with BalAge Rx℠

Reconnect with everyone you care about with BalAge Rx℠

achieve a balanced menopause experience

Achieving a renewed balance of mind, body
and intimacy is possible when you add
BalAge Rx℠ treatment into this stage of
your life.

BalAge Rx℠ is custom tailored to you.

BalAge Rx℠ is a treatment plan for menopause that is custom tailored to suit your body.

Because every woman is unique, BALAGE RX℠ is custom formulated to restore your body's unique and natural hormonal balance. The BALAGE RX℠ approach to Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is also unique because it is custom tailored to rebalance your body's natural hormone levels.

BALAGE RX℠ is also available in a number delivery options such as: liquid, tablets, topical cream, capsules and fast dissolving oral strip form.

Your opportunity to achieve balance and serenity
DURING MENOPAUSE is finally here with BALAGE RX℠

BALAGE RX℠ is a revolutionary hormone replacement treatment for the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Revolutionary because it is custom formulated just for you and delivered in the form most comfortable for you. BALAGE RX℠ is the biologically identical hormone treatment that's here to help you achieve a renewed balance and serenity.

Balanced Relationships

Balanced Relationships

Typically within 30 days of initiating your BalAge Rx treatment your hormonal levels begin moving towards equilibrium. Mood swings, anxiety and other barriers to personal relationships begin to subside, freeing you to comfortably pursue the important relationships in your life.

Balanced Intimacy

Balanced Intimacy

Rekindle intimate contact with your partner minus the fear and pain often associated with menopause. Users report low libido, vaginal dryness and other symptoms are remedied through the BalAge Rx protocol. Your intimate experience can also be enhanced using our topical ScreamCream.

Balanced Physically

Balanced Physically

Your body may be undergoing a number of changes including weight gain, hair loss, night sweats and painful sexual intercourse due to vaginal dryness. BalAge Rx℠ re-balances your natural hormonal levels and reduces the experience of these and other uncomfortable physical symptoms of menopause.

reclaim your serenity during menopause

From simple frayed nerves to errant thoughts
menopause is a true test of serenity.

Regain your serenity with BalAge Rx.

Turning back your serenity clock with the ability of BalAge Rx℠ to mimic your body's natural hormones and balanced levels. The key to your success is our experience working with doctors and women like you to achieve the perfect balance of your natural hormones through. The BalAge Rx treatment protocol  may alleviate the unwanted symptoms of menopause symptoms within 30 days. 

Already decided that BalAge Rx℠ may be right for you? Starting your BalAge Rx℠ bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is just as easy. We are here to work with you personally to produce a therapy program that best suits your body. After a thorough consultation  with your physician our pharmacy partner will custom formulate a BalAge Rx prescription that's just right for you.

Balanced Physically


We are here to listen, learn and understand your individual needs in order to produce a successful and balanced BalAge Rx℠ treatment just for you.

Reconnect with everyone you care about with BalAge Rx℠


A simple saliva, blood or urine test is administered in order to measure your current hormone levels before we formulate a BalAge Rx treatment program with your doctor.

Balanced Physically


Your hormone test results and Balanced Lifeststyle questionnaire  results (completed during your initial evaluation) are delivered to your doctor for review and consultation. You then work with your doctor and agree to a BalAge Rx program that is right for you.

Reconnect with everyone you care about with BalAge Rx℠


You are now taking your BalAge Rx medications and are experiencing a reduction of the uncomfortable physical, emotional and intimacy symptoms of menopause. You are free to enjoy the serenity of this new phase of your life.